Vogue Italia August 2014 fabulous ‘Beauty’ issue lensed by Emma Summerton.


Vogue Italia’s fashion dream team,Emma Summerton,Elin Svahn and hair stylist Serge Normant produces a series of stunning images for a beauty editorial that pushes the boundaries between modern perception of beauty and its grotesque side. Francelle provided the finishing touches of make-up to an exceptional piece of work,featuring models Megan Thompson, Lisa Verberght andPamela Bernier.

megan-thompson-lisa-verberght-pamela-bernier-by-emma-summerton-for-vogue-italia-august-2014 megan-thompson-lisa-verberght-pamela-bernier-by-emma-summerton-for-vogue-italia-august-2014-1 megan-thompson-lisa-verberght-pamela-bernier-by-emma-summerton-for-vogue-italia-august-2014-2 megan-thompson-lisa-verberght-pamela-bernier-by-emma-summerton-for-vogue-italia-august-2014-4 megan-thompson-lisa-verberght-pamela-bernier-by-emma-summerton-for-vogue-italia-august-2014-5 megan-thompson-lisa-verberght-pamela-bernier-by-emma-summerton-for-vogue-italia-august-2014-6

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