‘Yuji Watanabe’ and his magical world- an exclusive Interview to Sybil-Ilia


“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”
~ Ansel Adams~

Yuji Watanabe is a photographer mostly based and working in Paris.He maintains an admirably low profile as a person given that his work has been featured in some of the most famous publications,for example: Factice Magazine,FAINT Magazine,Institute Magazine,Schon! Magazine,Zink Magazine and the list can go on for long.

His work has several distinctive characteristics, such as the essence of light out dark and the soft,polished silhouettes,the excellent use of the camera in both digital and analogical way, that make him stand out of the crowd.Add up the ability to engage the viewer into a less visual,still equally strong mental journey with his highly appraised work of his,and you’ll now the reason why i wanted an Inter-View of him. Et,voila!

`Was photography a passion from the early times of your life?
No, I started my photography when I was a university student.

-Are there any photographers/visual artists you’d say they have influenced your
-Yes. I’d say Tim Walker/ Paolo Roversi/ Sara Moon/ Deborah Turbeville and many others

-Are you a fan of the ”retouched” or the ”un-retouched” side?
Well,Yes and No.See,I like both film and digital, so it depends on which kind of images I wanna make.But, I can say, it definitely feels better for me when I make everything done during

-If you had to present your aesthetics by a painting or a painter, who would that be?
I think I would be videographer/ filmmaker

-Closing, what is the definition of beauty according to you?
It’s a difficult question for me, but I fell beauty something between purity and impurity,something between positive and negative, something between lightness and darkness.

Something between purity and impurity,something between positive and negative,all the magnitude of Asian notion of ”extremes” in one sentence.And that wasn’t the only magic experienced, while interviewing Mr Yuji Watanabe,


10547297_662214247205214_5221276093951690613_o a6dd70444119c7641af8436fb7ee346b Yuji_Watanabe_08 YUJI-WATANABE-1-retouched-by-Lulie zwGQl49Kdxk













Many thanks to Mr Yuji Watanabe-for obvious yet extremely important reasons.Thank you once more.

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