Tome FALL 2014 READY-TO-WEAR- ”Good things happen to those who wait”-Fashion Repost.


































(i felt like re posting it. All ‘why’s and ”but’s’ are also my issue.Thanks,)

Leaving away  the fact that it was actual a runway debut for Thome,we can focus on the clothes per se. And as the presentation went by, i had the feeling that Tome designers, Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin did possessed this much-sought ability of creating great clothes in a unbiased sense that appeals so much both to celebrities and working women. .Martin and Lobo’s muse, the artist Shirin Neshat was seated front row and its indeed a very complex and interesting Israeli woman to dram inspiration from.Modern meets tradition,Balenciaga meets arabic tunics and so on.

The designers working while keeping a low profile have managed something that Raf Simons would have loved to  the know-how of all this creative mix of tradition ended in a minimalistic yet oh-so flattering outfits collection.

To cut a long story short,this debut won me all over.There was of course of lack of extravaganza,but the House was never familiar to that idea of haute fashion. Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin not only got valuable inspiration from the House’s archives,they also find a way to ”translate” them to suit a modern woman,with self confidence,carefully hiding a second,much alluring persona .Raf,Hedi,Alexander,do take notes pls.




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