The iconic Louis Vutton Leopard stole and it’s Stephen Sprouse re-interpretation.

Coco Rocha by Mert & Marcus for W Magazine August 2006
Coco Rocha by Mert & Marcus for W Magazine August 2006

This season,the iconic Louis Vutton Leopard stole comes in a palette of extra colors,matching and creating graphic prints inspired as before by legendary fabric designer/artist Stephen Sprouse. His 60’s and bright 70’s work,along with Keith Haring’s work marked an era in painting as well as in fashion. Even though Stephen Sprouse finally declared bankruptcy, his distinctive work has been much an inspiration to modern fashion Houses and has since collaboration with people within the fashion industry.

Now,Louis Vuitton has successfully used Sprouse’s design motifs for quite some time,mostly in accessories where the concept seems to be to combine classic LV shapes and high quality with graffiti-like prints,a mere attempt to appeal to a more youthful or less ”classic” audience that worked regardless of the high pricing of the items.Former Louis Vuitton’s creative director Marc Jacobs has publicly declared his admiration of Sprouse’s work and now the famous House seems to keep on to this tradition by presenting the iconic LV Leopard stole in a whole new palette of colors.
As an ongoing tribute to the New York pre-grunge artist and fashion designer who actually collaborated on Louis Vuitton’s iconic 2001 graffiti collection, the Leopard stole has become one of Louis Vuitton’s must-have accessories.

A delicate blend of cashmere for warmth and silk for softness, these timeless scarves offer an enveloping feeling, in an effortless style, to wear in cold weather as well as warm nights.

Blurry shades of light grey brightened up with coral, a chic and classic taupe, and the Camouflage patterns are part of the new Icons shot under Brynn Hewminway’s direction in the film above.

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