Vionnet FALL 2014 COUTURE-”Hussein Chalayan doing couture?”

















There’s no doubt that Hussein Chalayan is a much talented designer that has often pushed the boundaries between technical and glamorous,often with stunning results.In some cases fashion design has been a vehicle for him to make ”performance-statements” that made quite an impression.

Now as to his Demi-Couture collection for Vionnet, well, nobody was expecting nothing less than rebellious glamour.The trouble here is that he delivered a collection full of re-carpet dresses,still ”red carpet smooth glamour” isn’t exactly his area of expertise9 and perhaps liking). Chalayan has been long involved into the technical part of design and fabrics plus the use of semiotic details,viewing design as nothing more than a ”statement”, a moving work of modern art .In the case of Vionnet he worked with his favorite antithesis of fluidity-volume using pleated fabrics,often attached as 3-dimensional parts of the so called ‘demi-couture’ gowns.Sounds interesting?Yes but didn’t work at all. Vionnet is a house that bears the essence of relaxed french class.In the case of it’s Fall 2014 collection,the result was nothing but french.Let along classy.And certainly not Vionnet.

















I just couldn’t resist but posting a photo of Madame Vionnet and her famous ”bias” cut.More modern than ever i’d say…


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