Alexandre Vauthier Couture Fall Winter 2014 Collection-”Sexy Romanticism?”


I rarely find another writer’s view on a couture line close enough to my own digressions.Still, the one below featured at Fb group: Haute Couture Weekly, perfectly summarizes the review i would most probably struggling to finish within sharp deadlines My gratitude to the page and its collaborators appears here necessary. Btw,i’m gonna start spotting which wannabe star/singer/media person will indulge in those flawless yet daring enough, dresses.

”Glamour was the order of the (third) day of Haute Couture Week in Paris as couturier Alexandre Vauthier continued with his sexy allure, featuring short but voluminous furs, in white, black or canary yellow. These, along with beige, were the collection’s predominant colors. Sheer dresses with strategically placed cut-outs, embellished with sequins, leather and muslin, stood out on the runway.”

~(Haute Couture Weekly)~







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