Chanel Resort 2014- Karl’s” Singapore Fling”



“I research with instinct, you see. It has to be a vague impression, but don’t get into the details. Reinvent the details.” 

~Karl Lagerfeld on his Chanel Resort 2014 collection~

Let’s get it straight,i do believe that Mr Lagerfeld is a genius. A genius in fashion itself,in management,in presenting full collections that  apply both to buyers and mock the faux fashion crowd,only for it to follow his suggestions more eagerly.Still,i believe that his has mastered his very own semiotic fashion ”game”,this silent yet so powerful  interaction, much perfected in his 2014 ”art inspired” collection.Of course, the more ”boyish” yet elegant silhouette,the oriental references, especially in fabrics, and the hidden sarcasm perfected in accessories (along with the magnificent setting) were undoubtedly  overwhelming. With a total of more than 90 outfits, Karl is now playing  the buyer’s game, ensures great manufacturing/advertising and cashes up the result.You won’t see anything new and exciting in this Chanel Resort 2014 collection. Still,many ”young and promising designers” in high places would kill for such acuity of vision. And everlasting inspiration based on the firms true dna,  the iconic plus vast Coco Chanel legacy. Take notes Hedi.










CHANEL_059_1366.450x675 CHANEL_063_1366.450x675



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