WUNDERKIND Spring / Summer 2014-A state of the art/collaboration with Ashkan Honarvar leads to fierce collages.

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”A fashion collaboration with Wolfgang Joop for his German fashion brand ‘Wunderkind’. The Spring-Summer collection’s main theme was a famous Janis Joplin quote: “Freedom is just another word for nothing else to lose”. My main goal was to create images that radiated freedom, colour, life and a certain fiery spark that matched Wunderkind’s image and the wonderful quote from a time when the word ‘freedom’ meant something different.”

~Ashkan Honarvar~

(Photograph: Marcel Lunkwitz
Model: Sara Sperling

(all collages are handmade!Enjoy!)


Full series of stunning mixed media artwork:

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About the artist:

The saying goes that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. It occurs in places you least expect. Revealing its art in the human body, but also cruelly absent in the presence of deformations and scars. Ashkan Honarvar (1980) depicts an undeniable, unavoidable beauty by accepting the darker sides of human ‘nature’.

The body, torn by acts of war, exploited by the sex industry or used as a tool for seeking identity, is the focal point of his work.This constitutes a search for a universal representation of the evil latent in every human, providing an opportunity for reflection. His aesthetic dissection has an intriguing macabre nature, which opens the images to interpretation.

Honarvar’s almost empiric exploration of the human condition knows no bounds. Its goal; the indefinable core.



Contact details:




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