Nicole Kidman stars in… Jimmy Choo pre-fall campaign and raises eyebrows..

nicole kidman-3


Famous actress and fashionista Nicole Kidman has been the choice of Jimmy Choo luxurious campaign for pre-fall 2014.In pure minimalism,Kidman appears in a pale background wearing only a white tuxedo while holding one of the brands new bag designs.Still,someone cannot but notice that Kidman looks 25 years younger compared with her film screening appearances this season. Kidman herself implies that she did actually posed for the campaign. “I really enjoyed working with Willy, he gave me such great direction, it was like being on a film set,” As for her collaboration with photographer  Willy Vanderperre,she also added: “It was fun to embrace a more rebellious spirit for Jimmy Choo; we listened to a lot of great rock music to get in the mood for the shoot.”  Even Sandra Choi,immy Choo’s creative director called Kidman ”a true chameleon”. Can’t argue on that.In fact she’s changed so much for the Choo campaign,i had to check the name on the ad twice, to be sure its her.Lets face it,Kidman is a 46-year-old mother-of-four and beautiful at her age but the amount of retouching used in the Jimmy Choo campaign is creating a different persona,someone Kidman might have been,no doubt,years ago.Trying to sell such an image now is not flattering neither for Mrs Kidman nor for Jimmy Choo’s projected aesthetics.



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