Designer Vasso Consola presents ”Origami Blues” accessories series


Vasso Consola is a designer that actually ”designs” and however knows me properly understands that this is perhaps the biggest praise in my fashion vocabulary.Pushing  the boundaries between innovation and aesthetics, her work stands for the clear vision  and the chic character of the finished product.Iwas therefore much interested in the newly launched collection,called ”Origami Blues”. This collection actually launches the beginning of whole new series of origami inspired accessories that will be a continuum.

Now,the first collection presented consists of 8 hats/headpieces, all inspired from traditional origami shapes,with the slight exception of the shell form,being a variation of Tomoko Fuce’s shell. Designer Vasso Consola describes the experience with clarity and creative enthusiasm:

”My desire to experiment with this technique as well as my longtime desire to design hats were my motivation to create this collection. I was fascinated from the fact that a 3D geometrical form could be generated from only one square piece of paper. Also the unruptured relation that origami has with mathematics and geometry, upon which my work is based, stimulated my interest in deepening my knowledge of this technique. I chose to apply it in the creation of accessories, starting with hats. The reason for this lies in my question: « Why has nobody ever thought of creating something wearable out of these wonderful forms?” So here was my opportunity to do it.The game of origami functioned like a link to my childhood when creativity was related to discovery and fun.

The origami blues emerged as our presentation theme because we wanted to avoid clichés that require that all things Japanese have to be photographed with the analogue minimalist style. We wanted to contrast this cliche and added a little bit of emotion. So we decided to use an African originated beauty. As a result we had a theme that referred to blues with music setting the atmosphere for a series of divas whose wonderful voices submerge us into the depths of our emotions. This is an interesting antithesis to the austerity and rigour behind the geometric theorems of origami.

These are plans I had in mind for long, but previously I did not have free time required. However my transfer to another country, and the time I needed to be grounded here gave me free time to think and experiment. No I will not only design hats and accessories from now but I am also launching a new line of clothing that will be on the market in winter 2016. My new consept is a product for the luxury mass market but I don’t wish so reveal more details at the moment.”

The  collection featured will be  available to shops from Summer 2015 and there’s also a series of bags and clutches coming next with the same inspiration.Therefore,stay tuned for more!












(Photo shooting details: Photography : Vana Cotsia , Model: Astan Meyer, Make up: Fenia )

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