Lucia Giacani’s ”Russian” Icons: An artistic approach to Easter Ortodox Iconography


”Lucia Giacani is a woman who immortalizes women under every aspect. Feelings, ambitions and normality are captured through the lens behind which is a feminine eye that knows what to look for and how to express the essence of an entire universe. A woman who reflects another woman: this is the intimate reason of her job. Her look – naturally feminine and revolutionary – is the silent engine that works behind every shot and through all her flashes.’’

~Vogue Italia, 08/22/2013~

Lucia Giacani is a photographer that developed an interesting approach to Russian Religious Icons and to the way females are being represented.Based on fashion and art photography,she developed a language of both commercial and religious imagery, creating a series of stunning images first featured as an editorial for NO.ISE magazine,November 2010,also presented  in Cannes Fashion Photography Festival/July 2011.

Her approach is based to Russian Orthodox imagery and the way female figures are being immortalized in stylized poses all covered in gold hues.Their delicate beauty and symbolic significance are the basis for highly sophisticated,beautiful images that stun the eye.






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