“Alexander Wang x H&M project”-A collaboration most suitable.





It is verified and,however unexpected it may appear,an “Alexander Wang x H&M project”  is by far a winning  collaboration for both parts. Now,the only question raised is whether H&M will become more of ”Haute Couture” or will Alexander Wang (the Balenciaga creative director) re-shape  his minimalistic  vision  into a high street version.

Wang stated that : ”The idea of collaborations isn’t new anymore, they’ve been done from all angles.When H&M approached me, I wanted to do something different. It will be a new take on a lifestyle offering. It’s a little early [to talk about it], but it’s a completely new take on how they do collaborations.”   His stating that ”wanted to do something different” failed to convince me as i strongly believe he’s actually pursuing the same concept/idea in both his name line and partly in Balenciaga. I expect him presenting another version of his T brand of basics,only with different prize tags. Curious as i am for the outcome, i can’t but feel ”it was about time for this collaboration to happen.”.And this is hardly a praise.

( The  ”Alexander Wang x H&M” project will l feature clothing for both men and women, launching in 250 H&M stores worldwide plus online,from November 6th onwards.)

Alexander Wang announcing collaboration with H&M via Instagram
Alexander Wang announcing collaboration with H&M via Instagram

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