Kate Moss’ ”sartorial memory collage” for TopShop-The Lookbook.



Browsing the pieces of Kate Moss’ Lookbook designed for high street mega brand TopShop i can just say that this time there is indeed a visible essence of ”personality”,categorizing the collection to a most interesting one.The inspiration drawn more from Kate Moss’ favorite pieces (some vintage) and not from current trends, guarantee a series of items that aim to make each client feel ”unique” and yet ”fashionable” .Not an easy task,mind you.

Mrs Moss opted for creating several ”mood boards” which were used as the basis of inspiration for the four plus Katy England TopShop design crew.Needless to say,the approach is far more creating a ”mood” than just capturing trends,aka successful in its own terms.

(Prizes range from about $70 to $1,200, and will be available in-store and online at Topshop, Nordstrom, ShopBAZAAR.com and Net-a-Porter.)

Kate Moss modeled the collection,lensed by Nick Night.









One of her ”mood boards”,showcasing the inspiration as a ”sartorial memory collage” : 




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