The world of designer Katarzyna Konieczka-Macabre dramatic chic that amazes.



Katarzyna Konieczka is the new rising star in concept fashion design and the name on every fashion connoisseur’s lips.Born in Gdansk (Poland),with studies in Artistic Education in The International School of Costume and Fashion Design,relocating afterwards to London to pursue a career as an avant-garde fashion designer.And what a career!She has so far won several prestigious awards for her work,some of them are:

Finalist in Golden Thread competition premiere vision category (2009)
Diane Pernet AVOF award 2009 (Premiere Vision category)
Robb Young Premiere Vision choise 2009 (, International Herald Tribune, the Financial Times, FT’s The Business of Fashion)
Re-Act Fashion Show (2009) Third award (Fashion Week Poland ecological competition)
OFF Fashion competition (2009) Third award
Most photogenic collection award (2009) in OFF Fashion Kielce contest
First distinction in TIMEX contest: “Inspiration Time” 2010
OFF Fashion contest finalist (2010)

She describes herself as: ”I am a costume maker and avant garde fashion designer. My creations are mainly to be viewed on a stage or a catwalk. The main aim of my designs is to create an impact on the viewer and evoke feelings. The costumes are not for everyday use. Each costume has been created as a one off, the techniques used to create them have been developed by myself, by experimenting with textiles, fabric and paint . I own all the design rights.
Each costume requires special care and each is cleaned separately from everything else according to the label.
In most cases I re- use the purchased fabric by processing or dying them, I never use fabric straight from the shop. The main motifs in my designs are asymmetry, destruction, dramatism, macabre. All costumes have been hand made myself. ”

Her board of inspiration include images such as the one’s below that creatively inspire her to design her dashing and innovating costumes.


A costume in the making:







Final costume/collection:



Overall idea of the collection above by Katarzyna Konieczka herself:

”What inspired the collection was the human body, with its anatomy, and the various ways of its therapy and rehabilitation, i.e. back braces and cervical collars. The costumes were designed so as to display,
paradoxically, not the pain and weakness, but the strength. They are built-up in such a manner that they can pass as shields for an indestructible machine-man – an android. The creations were supposed to
be associated with the future, to conjure the notion of futuristic fashion and art. The leggings, or rather tights with added knee pads were inspired by the human anatomy, specifically by the muscles. The film about Frida Kahlo by Julie Teymor has baffled the costume maker with the back braces appearing on screen, made of metal, with splints and stiffenings. Frida, who in her youth suffered an accident, wore one of these. The projects, inspired by braces, were completed in April 2009 and for the first time appeared
on the runway during Fashion Week Poland in Łódź, on June 6th 2009, as part of the „Re-Act Fashion Show” project, where they have won the third prize.”

Photography: Maciej Boryna,
Make-up: Ania Rózga/MILK,
Models: Alex Mru, Ewa Kępys

Contact details:

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