”BIRDS OF PARADISE.” -‘Plumes and Feathers in Fashion’ exhibition at MoMu Museum.

This exhibition is an ode to the elegance and refinement of the application of plumes and feathers in fashion and haute couture. Through a mixture of accessories, garments and couture dresses, the different characteristics of the various plumes and feathers are highlighted: sophistication, femininity, wealth, luxury, but also dark romance.

Refined accessories with ostrich, pheasant and marabou feathers showcase the elegance of fashion at Belle Époque at the end of the 19th century. The roaring twenties were the true heydays of garment feathers, as they were used in accessories such as boas and hats for flappers. Gabrielle Chanel also used feathers for her motifs and in the embroidery for her creations and film costumes. Marlène Dietrich’s iconic swan’s down coat is a masterpiece: it is the crowning jewel of the theme of black and white swan in evening dress.

The 'Blue Angel' shoe from Roger Vivier's autumn winter 2012 collection
The ‘Blue Angel’ shoe from Roger Vivier’s autumn winter 2012 collection

These days, feathers are again all the rage on the catwalk, both in creations of Belgian as well as international fashion designers. The work of Belgian designer Ann Demeulemeester counts here as one of the most poetic examples of the use of feathers.

Featuring Chanel, Cristóbal Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Ann Demeulemeester et al.

Lasting from 20.03 > 24.08.2014

Alexander McQueen autumn winter 2009 collection
Alexander McQueen autumn winter 2009 collection
Ann Demeulemeester SS08 PARIS 10/02/07
Ann Demeulemeester SS08 PARIS 10/02/07
Dries Van Noten's autumn winter 2013 collection
Dries Van Noten’s autumn winter 2013 collection

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