Gareth Pugh Fall RTW 2014-” Fun,Futuristic Elegance”


In an almost all-white collection,Gareth Pugh justified his reputation for being a designer that has a clear vision,one of the few of the ”new blood” that manages to transform this vision into clothes,perhaps not absolutely wearable ones but much interesting via experimenting with design techniques and fabrics.Using plastic sheeting in a elaborate way,square plastic paillettes and fur-like outfits that caught the eye he did, once more, made a sartorial statement.Certain discoball-like metallic pieces weren’t that much appealing, but there were some moments of pure sartorial genius such as the structured yet elegant coats. It was partly McQueen influenced along with elements of a reconstruction of a futuristic ”New Look” a la Gareth Pugh.A most promising collection from a designer that,season by season, is building a substantial basis for his undoubted talent to flourish.













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