Dolce & Gabbana RTW Fall 2014. ”A sartorial tale with no end”


Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have had long ago proved that they have certain reference lines,a core dna that is present in almost any collection of Dolce et Gabbana House,no matter what and how the seasonal influence or theme will develop.That very thing, despite from being a form of creative restrain,as some may suggest, it is perhaps the key to the duo’s ease when dealing with such themes as Byzantic and Medieval visual culture.
Last season was Byzantium and a tribute to greek-orthodox ecclesiastical imagery,this season,the inspiration has switched to Medieval Europe,drawing inspiration from 13th-14th century paintings,motifs and even,colors. The theme itself is also responsible for a more ”structured” pieces but it did worked well along with the idea of medieval references having gone almost pop-like, in such bold colors. The basic color palette of black red and gold,though, provided a solid basis where emblems and bold florals flourished, making for some excellent dresses and deux-pieces.Accessories played,as usual,a basic role in serving the designers’ idea-that meaning there is some hot handbag stuff already in the market!But the dresses,oh,the dresses were this season’s protagonists, with a series of certain oh-so-successful pieces that looked both fashionable and flattering( mind you,there aren’t many designers in the market that can do both at the same time..).
As for the black,embellished capes,my feeling was that they provided proof that Dolce et Gabbana can do Prada better than Prada herself. Mr Dolce,Mr Gabbana, we salute you!




















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