Tom Ford RTW Fall 2014 ”Mediocre is the route”


The funny thing about Tom Ford is that almost everyone has at least one came across his name,even not the fashion devotees, due to an promptly executed marking policy.In fact,Tom Ford himself is the greatest advertiser of himself and given the awe he provokes being admirably well-dressed,groomed,named ”most handsome person”,etc.So, less attention is actually being paid to what he designs.For his RTW fall 2014 collection Ford quoted the sixties range and the designer’s reaction to real life(having perhaps in mind David Bailey’s work,exhibited in London.
I would dare,however,to say that Mr Ford’s designs have to actual reference than himself and his obsession with glamour and vintage designer such as Halston,that being pretty obvious by the fact that once you’ve seen one collection,you’ve seen them all.And the one’s to come,unfortunately.What i can predict for this season is that those leopard,red,black knee-high boots will be a selling success.Lets hope,the multicolored faux fur will be not.









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