Marios Schwab Fall RTW 2014-”Till next time”


I must say that,apart from my personal fondness,Marios Schwab is an editors’ protegee.Imagine the awkwardness caused by his Fall 2014 collection when provided us with utterly ”nothing new”. Was all those ill-tailored sharp lines an aim of becoming the new ”Hedi Slimane”?In any case,the collection had it all,bomber jackets,candles for creating ”atmosphere”,interesting Grecian-inspired dresses,a subtle palette with dark-goth references ,but still all those elements managed NOT to work together.It takes the genius of a McQueen to make them work,indeed and Marios isn’t lacking talent,but clearly he was lacking vision.I give him the credit of being in the process of creating a new one.But this wasn’t happening in that show. Btw,dark-goth related chokers accompanied by 60’s greek mainstream pop still is another faux pas.Just in case you didn’t notice what was happening in the finale.I keep the embellished dresses.Till next time Marios..








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