Jason Wu’s womenswear design debut for iconic brand Hugo Boss-”Inspiration needed.”

From all possible designer names,jason Wu was the last i expected to be chosen as the main designer,with the whole venture representing a new era at Hugo Boss, the one characterized by womenswear,apart from uber stylish menswear that the House has built its fame from.Since the core of the brand is indeed based on menswear lines,it made perfect sense for Mr Wu to start creating a much expected women’s collection by using this essential material.As much as i appreciate Hugo Boss brand i cant say that this was a successful collection.Yes,the sharp tailoring,the subtle color palette and the firm,almost minimal lines were present as in every Hugo Boss show-but there was nothing more. Take a fantastic Hugo Boss menswear collection,add skirts and a few defined waists and you have it.The clothes were masterly executed,yes,but strongly reminiscent of second World war ones,were utility came first in female apparel.Not that there is no beauty in that.But i’d expect something more inspired and unique,something making a statement,in all the good sense you can get.Alas,there wasn’t. Given the fact that the current collection was Jason Wu’s first attempt to translate the vast Hugo Boss class and heritage in womenswear i can say nothing more that he has to stop thinking of menswear lines while designing a women’s collection and look at it in a more fearless way.Yes,fearless is the word,in a fashion industry that likes to think itself as the final judge of what is working and what isnt,leaving aside the actual judge-people.No wonder why the models in the catwalk looked so miserable..

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