”Varieties Of Religious Experience”-a masterpiece series by Matthew Stone


Most of you are aware by now that i am not generally a fan of ”Dazed et Confused” aesthetics and vision.Still i think that their ” Varieties Of Religious Experience” editorial was a masterpiece of rare quality.Was it just a good,very good indeed!,moment?Was it Matthew Stone’s brilliant photography and collage finding common spots with fashion editor Katie Shillingford?In any case,the result is here for you to enjoy it.

matthew-stone-for-dazed-confused-january-2014-1 matthew-stone-for-dazed-confused-january-2014-2 matthew-stone-for-dazed-confused-january-2014-3 matthew-stone-for-dazed-confused-january-2014-4 matthew-stone-for-dazed-confused-january-2014-5 (1) matthew-stone-for-dazed-confused-january-2014-8 matthew-stone-for-dazed-confused-january-2014-9

Extra credits:

Hair: Roxane Attard

Make-up: Lauren Parsons

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