Isabel Marant for H&M-Parisian chic meets ”fake frenzy”.


I belong to the tribe of fashion people that regardless of my 50’s style obsessions,i do like Isabel Marant’s work. She has the ability to create uber cool yet very french (in the good sense) outfits that match with almost anything and manage to appear fabulous and quality items. Its been, no doubt about that,probably the most anticipated high-street collaboration, creating a frenzy amongst shoppers and fashion lovers.But how genuine is actually this kind of excess?

The question that arises is ”how good did actually know Marant’s work” all those people recently queuing for an H&M Isabel Marant signed item? Probably even less than Maison Martin Margiela, another famous H&M collaboration with a avant-garde high class brand. Marant’s work was labeled as ”parisian boho chic” with body conscious outfit yet never overtly sexual. Marant herself says she is “a representative French girl … my clothes say more about me than anything else”,a statement which i find it correct.The plus that Isabel Marant’s collections have to support a successful collaboration with high street H&M is that her statement dresses,her tribal influences along with the fantastic dresses for a night out can be easily ”transcripted” into high street language without losing their versatility and charm.

What is strange is that it was Marant herself that has dismissed copies of her designs,being a strong opponent of high-street stores copying her designs, even declaring such a behavior is “disgusting” and “vulgar”. That being said,we can add that at least the H&M pieces won’t be exact copies,but rather a lighter,cheaper version of the core pieces Isabel Marant has been creatively transforming over the years.Personally i am not certain whether this was a clever move for her.Aiming at a bigger audience is an important factor, still a bigger audience can easily make your work ”lose character”. And all those of us who actually observed Marant’s work since her French Vogue’s presentations,wouldn’t like it.But hey,its business. And advertising. And queuing. And order cancelling if necessary.

Now,people that probably haven’t even heard of the name ”Marant” or actually understood the collections are queuing to obtain a piece of the much sought H&M collection.This can only explain the crash of the on-line order system before actually the items make their premiere in shops.

HMCrash_2013_11-thumb MarantHMCampaign_2013_11-thumb

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