Valentino’s attempt to conquer Shanghai ”using” familiarity with Asian sartorial language.


This week, Valentino bowed a new flagship in Shanghai. Designed by renowned architect David Chipperfield, the store will be the house’s second largest to date. To celebrate the opening, Valentino designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli created a special collection,maintaining the basic Valentino feel and palette but with a strong effort to connect patterns and lines with the tradition of Shanghai.A clever idea indeed,which would have worked better if it weren’t for the obsession in red shades and the somehow evident struggle.Several gorgeous flowered or laced outfits however appeared to remind that Valentino is one of the few real Couture Houses remaining.

581799_733857379977172_1176685139_n 581827_733858349977075_1035329497_n 945475_733857733310470_2145057800_n 1002000_733857776643799_845828791_n 1003912_733858076643769_151144564_n 1395806_733858203310423_988763057_n 1425579_733858163310427_837140623_n 1426149_733858009977109_249923829_n 1441186_733857863310457_7661500_n 1455986_733858039977106_797377583_n 1456553_733857526643824_1649777328_n 1456682_733857829977127_1255119388_n 1457628_733857373310506_799852509_n 1457762_733857606643816_1632590308_n 1461731_733857819977128_1746712853_n 1470000_733857806643796_1869484583_n 1472027_733858113310432_1437960647_n 1472993_733857429977167_1442322125_n

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