Mario Testino shoots Liu Wen for Vogue China December 2013-Mind the crocodile!


Mario Testino,taking literally the recent trend of art and fashion fusion lenses Liu Wen for Vogue China December 2013, in an almost surreal bright new world with several weird-looking objects as if from an art gallery- and a pretty much alive crocodile.Those model’s ”close encounters” with the animal where beyond me though,now i know i could never be a model if there where crocodiles and snakes involved..Enjoy!

liu-wen-by-mario-testino-for-vogue-china-december-2013 liu-wen-by-mario-testino-for-vogue-china-december-2013-9 liu-wen-by-mario-testino-for-vogue-china-december-2013-10 liu-wen-by-mario-testino-for-vogue-china-december-2013-11 liu-wen-by-mario-testino-for-vogue-china-december-2013-12 liu-wen-by-mario-testino-for-vogue-china-december-20136

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