”Maleficent”,the new Mac collection inspired by recent Angelina Jolie’s film.


”Maleficent” is the name of a brand new Mac collection, inspired by Angelina Jolie’s villainous new character  aka the evil Maleficent in the upcoming Disney film she stars,under this very name as en evil character not devoted of charm,though.The limited-edition collection will include face, eye, lip and nail products,always according to WWD. It is not coincidental thought that,on the actual film’s set,while  make-up artist Toni G was responsible for Jolie’s sinister look, special effects make-up were left to Rick Baker – a previous MAC collaborator. The idea that derives from carefully studying the film stills is of a evil creature that possess the darkest of power therefore being much enchanting. Jolie look much like a goth princess,like starring a film such as the old ”Labyrithe”,only with darker colors and an enchanting,evil yet unprecedentedly charming princess.Still,given the buzz that happened the previous times that Mac launched a series inspired of a Disney film (2010,the ”Venomous Villains” make-up collection) we can but only expect a new dark look to much winter’s dark-yet-elegant fashion.

At this point,MAC cannot confirm that the collection will be sold in Britain at this stage, but Maleficent will be released in May 2014.

maleficent-grab-vogue-13nov13-2-b_1080x720 maleficent-grab-vogue-13nov13-4-b_1080x720 maleficent-grab-vogue-13nov13-5-b_1080x720 maleficent-grab-vogue-13nov13-6-b_1080x720 maleficent-grab-vogue-13nov13-7-b_1080x720 maleficent-grab-vogue-13nov13-8-b_1080x720

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