Regarding Nick Knight’s aphorisms-a conversation between a renowned photographer (Chad Muller) and a journalist(Ilia Sybil).

European Playboy charity event (shot on film, in candlelight).
European Playboy charity event (shot on film, in candlelight).

I must admit that even though i am not a photographer and have little knowledge of techniques and styles,Mr Knight’s aphorism ”Essentially, an iPhone camera is as good as the Hasselblad I used to use”, in his Another mag interview left me in awe.Was i a traditionalist that believed in the quality of the light,the camera brand,the choice of angle and at the very end, the photographer’s work as art.Had i to redefine my visual perception of new age imagery via the one coming from mediums such as Instagram and mobile phone cameras? At this point i knew i had to discuss the issue further.Here’s the result of my discussion with Bambi magazine Editor-In-Chief plus renowned photographer Chad Muller.

-Dear Chad,i am very much aware of your career in photography but could you refresh readers’ minds a little bit?Thanks

I started shooting fashion decades ago, around the age of twelve. Now, I run this thing called Bambi Magazine

-I know that the way every photographer chooses to shoot has much to do about the means,isn’t it?

Different photographers shoot with different cameras, for different reasons. Some are limited financially. Some have favorite brands, cameras they’re comfortable shooting with. Some are drawn to technical specs. Some still shoot with film, which, provides a number of options, as well. Some care about the lens quality.

-Nick Knight,a famous fashion photographer,recently dismissed several photography methods and tools by commenting ”Essentially, an iPhone camera is as good as the Hasselblad I used to use.” How do you find that?

I think it’s great if he wants to appeal to young Twitter and Instagram users but professional editors, photographers, knowledgeable models, various clients…one can’t take that seriously.

– I,as a journalist feel its a way to attract attention,even negative one,regarding the Diesel campaign.Does that justify his statement?

Whether he’s out of ideas, trying to appeal to a younger crowd, creating controversy…or just out of his mind, I honestly can’t comment as I don’t know where he’s coming from here.

-Do you really think and feel there will be a day all all things will be digitalized?I mean ,light and film used in older fashion editorials provided them with a specific look-charm.Do you find a new aesthetics being born in our modern age?

There will come a day, sadly. Eventually, companies won’t be able to justify the production of film anymore, rendering analog cameras useless. This has already begun, several of the best films ever produced are no longer being manufactured. I would say, the new aesthetic is already here. Thank goodness for people like Christopher Nolan and Quentin Tarantino, people who still prefer the old aesthetic, people that aren’t persuaded to switch, people who still argue quality over convenience.

-Didn’t know that about the film.Sounds a bit sad,though.Now,Nietzsche wrote ;”Aesthetics is the ethics of the future” Agree in a sense? 

Did Nietzsche write that on a piece of paper or on an iPad?

-Loved that one!And i also take it as a hint relating to our initial problematic, Mr Knight’s aphorisms and him influencing young photographers.I thank you.

Flip shot. Medium format film
Medium format film
Medium format film
07/08. — with Evan Biddell and Kat Climie.

Chad Muller’s full work can be seen at:

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