Christian Louboutin’s autumn/winter 2013.14 lookbook,inspired by Renaissance paintings

Christian Louboutin unveiled its autumn/winter 2013.14 lookbook,lensed by the ”usual suspect”,Peter Lippmann,who is truly a master in creating visual ”paradises” and enchanting trombe l’oeil. The Louboutin lookbook is inspired by mid- Renaissance paintings where strongly defined human bodies coexisted with subjects such as Satyres,Anchelous and other mythological references. Not sure personally if i like the current advertizing campaign, i tend to believe that the ”NotreDame” one was one of the best. Obviously Lippmann has established a solid and fruitful  collaboration with Louboutin, recently winning ”Honor of Distinction In Advertising at the 6th Annual Master’s Cup for ‘‘Chimeres’‘ another Louboutin advertising editorial.
945459_731407516888825_1020963407_n (1)




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