Exhibition catalogue of ”Isabella Blow; Fashion Galore!” Exhibition is a work of art in its own!


Stunning images,accessories and outfits that Isabella Blow wore, captured by the camera of Nick Knight in sensational and highly artistic features,with the names of Philip Treacy,Alexander McQueen and Viktor and Rolf  appearing in the image apparel credits. An exhibition catalogue that is a work of art by itself!Predicting that in the future,is going to be featured as a ”collector’s item”,if not being already!

1463634_10151928327493941_194038946_n 521740_10151909290648941_1737041709_n 601787_10151902028843941_1702860336_n 943363_10151918412043941_132222601_n 998798_10151930366518941_1642096041_n 1383512_10151906515743941_1478413545_n 1390489_10151913711793941_1186796588_n 1393554_10151922555678941_174883442_n 1395853_10151929809858941_854952340_n 1450897_10151911678403941_852116886_n 1452590_10151927600248941_46938784_n 1458596_10151931387648941_851840386_n 1460287_10151933712258941_1046269673_n

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