Accessorizing Halloween-Ideas from Dior’s ”Choupette” line


Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld’s passionately pampered cat and four-legged muse, is the inspiration behind an accessory line perfect for those who think Halloween as another excuse to explore being stylish and spirited.

The kitten-themed collection features a knitted white beanie with cat ears and black whiskers, fingerless gloves, a scarf, a clutch bag, and iPad and iPhone covers—all cat-shaped and adorned with whiskers. Prices range from USD$62, for the beanie to  USD$468 for the tote.

On Choupette’s unofficial Twitter account, the famous cat already ‘expressed’ some attitude, when commenting on the launch of the new line: “@KarlLagerfeld It was an obvious decision really. Who wouldn’t want to put my face on everything? [sic]”

Now that’s a cat with attitude! Copy her and Happy Halloween you dangerous kittens!

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