December Vogue Issue,’Fantasia” editorial- Moss slowly reintroducing John Galliano?


Its a fashion tradition for December magazine issues to be as-glam-as-it-can-be,thus starting the festivity that will follow until Christmas and New Year’s Eve.However,this Vogue December issue has had an early ”gift” to its readers, the introducing of fallen designer John Galliano in the role of  guest fashion editor for an editorial shot featuring his long-time personal friend Kate Moss,inspired by the atmosphere of the relaxed glamour characteristic in the ”Ballet Russes” and the relevant imagery.In ”Fantasia” editorial,star photographer Tim Walker shoots,John Galliano edits and Kate Moss simply shines.

Still,the real deal is the actual effort to ”reintroduce” John Galliano to the fashion scene with strategically careful moves. Several good friends in high places have been supportive to his all the way to his rehabilitation and,recognizing  the great talent he possess,make strong effort to bring him back to the fashion world,after a personal ”road to catharsis”. Its a tricky thing to do though,not only because fashion world has had various reactions to his anti-semitic rage and public outburst.Its the people that must be tested whether they would accept Galliano back or turn their back to every House or publication will wish to employ him.Still,with Moss appointed contributing fashion editor to the magazine,such a coexistence in terms of styling a single editorial,for starters,is becoming possible.

My personal opinion is that Galliano and his PR team are  wise enough to move slow yet in an determinant manner. He has obviously paid his dues and the wide public outcry was mostly based to the way of life he was living and his provocations on and off of the catwalk.Judging from his (excellent) past designs its perfectly clear that his multi cultured influences very little support the ”rascist” label, still, touching the ”Jew Issue” never benefited anyone.

Galliano is a great talent,a pure fashion artist and as such,he has had his ups and downs. Now its time for society to get over the past,loosen the concervative reflects and recognize Galliano the right to be human,after all.Let us not forget that even distinguished writers/artists of the past, such as Luigi Pirantello,futurist Marinelli and Ezra Pound were also found guilty of their wrong ideas,however their work still lives on,despite all that.

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