Dior ”Does Warhol” in Lady Dior and Diorissimo bags and clutches!


With Fiac (International Contemporary Ar Fair) coming to an end,Paris still oozes the air of artistic creativity.The Parisian store Colette gives over her windows to the Fall/Winter RTW collection by Raf Simons all inspired by the world of art.

The 1950s: Andy Warhol was young and still unknown, but already one could detect in his work everything that would make him into one of the 20th century’s greatest artists. He was producing delicate figurative drawings, expressing an aesthetic equal parts naive and graphic – whether a low-heeled pump, a woman’s face, or a bouquet of flowers.
2013: Raf Simons, creative director of the house’s women’s collections, looked to the drawings of the nascent king of pop art to provide the surface decoration for the clothing and accessories in the fall-winter collection. Embroidered on the dresses, printed on the Lady Dior and Diorissimo bags, the drawings take on a new and lively dimension. In conjunction with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, the house of Dior is continuing to write the story that connects it to the world of art; a story that traces its origins back to Christian Dior’s youth, and when, as a young gallerist before ever becoming a couturier, he exhibited the work of Dalí and Picasso.  “For me, Warhol appeared the obvious choice,” explains Raf Simons. “The idea of hand drawing, like a personal signature, was most becoming for this collection.”

Christian-Dior-Clutch-with-Warhol-Shoe-Fall-2013 Lady-Dior-Pink-Bag-with-Warhol-shoe-Fall-2013-Runway Lady-Dior-Silver-Medium-bag-Fall-2013-Runway Lady-Dior-White-Bag-with-Warhol-Shoe-Fall-2013-Runway

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