”It is a man’s world”-MADS MIKKELSEN by Heiko Richard for L’Officiel Hommes Magazine

f3a468ae3641236adf959402e8af749200e105e8074ac6af261683cf18a5d2ad 3c5569242fd2f40baef1781207be20c3 10c6baeddd7a480b117c91ef96c25223 87a89981bb573e21532cebb7f554c5d7 260fc176639c95be08d773e86e603457 530ab16ca743c6660dd69a42dee9b0f5 978cd73914f7e78544151266978a6e0b b9a721195b7a242b402b16180076436b d5c1686a0b984ac2e755a0ff5e9976f8 e24533dc50dc11b769162bdffe3936f0

(Images Courtesy by Heiko Richard) 

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