Kate Moss and Johnny Depp In Paul McCartney’s new video-backstage footage.

Kate Moss,Johnny Depp backstage
Johnny Depp backstage

Now that Johnny Depp is officially divorced, he does find time to star in a music video along with his former lover,Kate Moss and thus create a stirr as people always believed their image of the perfect ”boho-chic” couple-in life of course.Still,the idea of the two of them appearing for the first time after their split together in a project of any kind,has created the perfect publicity stunt Paul McCartney was looking for to promote his new Queenie Eye music video.The video was shot at the now famous Abbey Road studios starring a multitude of celebrities including Tom Ford, Laura Bailey, Gary Barlow, Jude Law, Meryl Streep, Alice Eve, Lily Cole, Chris Pine and James Corden. What does that all mean? Mr Paul has lost his ability to produce musically interesting,let alone innovative,albums and he knows it all too well.If something could promote his Queenie Eye mediocre new single is definitely Moss and Depp back together.Most people will watch the video,guaranteed.
Paul McCartney with Tom Ford
Paul McCartney with Tom Ford

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