Introducing designer Satu Maraanen-Winner of the Fashion Grand prix at 2013 Hyeres Festival


The work of Satu Maaraanen was recently shown in Paris at Premiére Vision,and there is where i first came across into her all-so-Finnish -yet universal- approach to fabric along with elaborate adornment and finishings to her work. her winning collection at Hyeres,called ”Garment in Landscape”,’a project about landscape,haute couture and innovative materials’ as described by Vogue Italia.The North tradition of craftsmanship and ethical fabric is being creatively juxtaposed with elements of traditional Couture such as hats,exaggerated bows,body shaping voluminous evening gowns.The same ‘fight’ between ‘earthly’ and ‘exaggerated’ takes place in the way the outfits are dyed,with brushstroke patterns and intense finishes leading the way. In the very end,what’s left from all this so-called ‘fight’ is a harmony of the uneven,a new pattern for Haute Couture that embodies more radical approaches without losing an inch of its couture quality. Satu Maraanen is making an impact,for all the right reasons.My only advice would have been: ”change the models’ shoes” but hey,i’m not the one with the vision!








”Landscape with Garment” winning project


(images courtesy of

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