FIDé Fashion Weeks 2013: Singapore Couture star Frederick Lee


eing engaging in fashion exhibition reviews and a phD that Has to be finished,i thought the fashion waters ran smoothly.Until i saw Frederick Lee’s fashion show,as part of FIDé Fashion Weeks 2013-and i was allured again into the Couture atmosphere.

Frederic Lee’s vision is being briefly yet accurately described by him as such:
We all need to look into the dark side of our nature, that is where the passion and energy lies. Its not about what depicted in these clothes, but the tone set in the interesting collage of elements that inspires and haunts at once. Working on this collection , i am like a lost soul searching in the death of darkness, never see the light, blind to everything and anything ,, i only see the darkness of black where i found true beauty . Sadness and despair fill my heart, they encase me in a tomb of my own mind, sophisticated in its impact, they narrates beyond the eclectic mix of sources on display its sensuous , intriguing , desirable for the true feeling it conveys and constitute deep heart-searching in me and a sober view of life. It is part of who we are.. do not fear it ; embrace it ….. ”

The collection bore influences of early Galliano’s work in Dior along with several references to late Alexander McQueen’s sense of drama.Still,it was something new,modern yet with the essence of understanding couture’s dna-which also includes.. drama!Frederick Lee has managed to present a great collection.I will stay tuned to his upcoming plans.Because its worth it.
(Special thanks to Mr Frederick Lee and his quick response.)















(All images courtesy by Deenise Glitz)

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