Miley Cyrus gets provocative in a Terry Richardson ”pornographic” photoshooting


Miley Cyrus tries hard to ”escape” from her Hannah Montana profile,going way too far with a Terry Richardson photo shooting that flirts with pornographic references and useless provocation.Its artistic status remains to be judged.I personally never appreciated much Mr Richardson’s concepts still this one is beyond words to me.From a Lady Sybilia point of view,of course.

article-2442749-1880E26900000578-268_468x513 article-2442749-1880F8F100000578-857_468x644 article-2442749-18808C2E00000578-534_468x681 article-2442749-188085B600000578-259_468x543 article-2442749-1880905D00000578-110_468x477

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