Paris Fashion Week-Saint Laurent SS 2014-”The heavy absence of ‘Yves’.”

IYSL_0307.450x675 YSL_0740.450x675

t’s pretty much obvious that Edie Campbell is the definite muse for designer Hedi Slimane as she represents clearly his vision for youthfulness and the essence of fresh teen spirit. This is not surprising as all the above elements are being reflected in Slimane’s work, both inside and outside the House of Saint Laurent. The Saint Laurent SS RTW 2014 was another manifesto of women as girls that like to be stylish as well as sexy, in outfits that showcase the body and bear the essence of a party mood. There were all the Hedi Slimane staples such as the basic tuxedo, the transparent blouses, the cigarette pants, the mini dresses. There is no doubt that those clothes will raise the figures-that is the reason for Slimane not changing his view and aesthetics even being highly criticized before.
Let’s face it, the whole Saint Laurent collection is not an Haute Couture based one. It’s a Hedi Slimane collection under the name and the umbrella of the House’s brand name. There is no Yves Saint Laurent element in the current collection as Slimane is mostly focusing on specific target groups, thinking of sales, rather that design inspiration and creatively working on the dna of the brand. The clothes will sell much obviously still in sartorial terms appear to stay on a commercial brand design quality. And that can never be Yves Saint Laurent.Not even Saint Laurent.

YSL_0110.450x675 YSL_0151.450x675 YSL_0166.450x675 YSL_0201.450x675 YSL_0236.450x675 YSL_0349.450x675 YSL_0360.450x675 YSL_0422.450x675 YSL_0467.450x675 YSL_0510.450x675 YSL_0574.450x675 YSL_0616.450x675 YSL_0757.450x675 YSL_0844.450x675 YSL_0937.450x675 YSL_0968.450x675 YSL_0998.450x675

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