Chanel SS 2014 collection-”A brilliant Art attack.”

CHA_0297.450x675 CHA_0982.450x675

Karl Lagerfeld is perhaps the best designer so far and there is a very good reason for that.He always innovates while maintaining the basic principles,the dna of the House of Chanel.For the SS 2014 Chanel collection,Lagerfeld chose a very particular venue to push his vision further,he chose The Grand Palais,transformed it into a huge art gallery with the paintings hanging in the wall actually being designed by Karl Lagerfeld himself! The inspiration for the collection was indeed a playful sense of an art attack,as Lagerfeld chose to re-connect fashion with art,in a kind of a Brodovitch approach but in apparel.And,of course it worked.The outfits were no less ”artistic” that the overall presentation,with all basic Chanel references such as tweed,chains,camelias,pearls presented in different,twisted way,in  an fresh,arty way.Using the basic Chanel ”vocabulary” Karl Lagerfeld finds a new aesthetic language full of color,aided by different fabric processes such as deconstruction,collage, bricolage and more. The accessories were also brilliant,already in the must-have lists of every fashion lover!The fashion Kaiser is well on his throne-no doubt about it.Kudos once more to his creative genius.

CHA_0052.450x675 CHA_0086.450x675 CHA_0106.450x675 CHA_0173.450x675 CHA_0204.450x675 CHA_0234.450x675 CHA_0281.450x675 CHA_0376.450x675 CHA_0415.450x675 CHA_0470.450x675 CHA_0489.450x675 CHA_0529.450x675 CHA_0603.450x675 CHA_0625.450x675 CHA_0747.450x675 CHA_0783.450x675 CHA_0892.450x675 CHA_0940.450x675 CHA_1053.450x675

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