Paris Fashion Week,Nina Ricci SS RTW 2013-”An Unexpected Effect”-A thought regarding the FEMEN incident.


Nina Ricci could very well stage the whole performance in a Gaultier style and it would have been a perhaps intriguing semiotic juxtaposition of the feminine ideal and how fashion industry serves it(or not). Still,it was not staged and totally unexpected.Viewing the two FEMEN members protesting with bare torsos,forcing the models to participate,i can’t help but address a series of issues.

The whole protestation took place on the Runway of Nina Ricci,a brand that generally shows sensitivity towards female shape,with its smooth,feminine designs.Would this protest have happened in,say,Gareth Pugh’s show,it would have made more sense,made the message more clear.

The two FEMEN members were protesting,as its was stated in the organizations facebook page: ” …against exploitative fashion industry with its beauty standards.Women sacrifice their private life and health for this dirty male business, that seeks to exploits women in every possible way. FEMEN calls for necessarily quick attack on fashion dictatorship as one of main development of sex-industry and beauty standards for women. We threat all PIMPs and fashion dictators by our bare breasts attack.” Yes,fashion idustry is rightfully considered as promoting a certain type of woman that does not match the average type.Still,and that is interesting,the two protesting females were almost the same size and shape as most of the models on the NIna Ricci catwalk.They had also braided hair as well as matching shoes and headdress,A pair of teared jeans doesn’t equal ”revolution’,it takes quite a lot more to be clear on your protest against fashion dictatorship.

Somehow i don’t thing that something else that publicity was the aim for the aforementioned ”show” on a fashion catwalk. Phrases such as ”Fashion dictaterror” and ”Model don’t go to brothel.” scribbled on the protesters’ naked torsos somehow swift the feeling of sympathy in me,from the exhausted models to the ”wanna-be-feminists”-activists of FEMEN. Using your feminine identity for something less than a well structured ideal and fight for it,as the suffragettes once did,you do nothing but show, And by watching it i can’t help believing it was their ”15 minutes of publicity” these women were after.My apologies.

181930228 paris_fashion_ricci1 Paris Fashion Ricci

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