Paris Fashion Week,Jean Paul Gaultier SS RTW 2014-”Fun Fearless Fashion”

YVL_5264.450x675 YVL_6125.450x675

Lets face it,Jean Paul Gaultier has the rare ability to stage great shows AND design great outfits.Put all this energy together and you’ll get a Gaultier show,just like the recent Paris one.I can’t think of any other designer that can pass several messages through his show,allow models to express ”themselves”(!) and make the rigid fashion nomenclature have fun! The latter is the key to understand why Gaultier walks his own line yet always appears to be the ”L’Enfant terrible” amongst younger designers that seemingly don’t have that much fun designing.But i mean serious fun From the very invitation to the show itself that challenged us to ”dance event”,staging nothing less than a panel of judges, helmed by Almodovar’s muse, Rossy de Palma. Awesome. Still,above all,Mr Gaultier is a charismatic couturier,producing impeccable design and great pattern cutting skills,that make each item worth noticing,apart from the show itself that’s taking place on the runway.His SS RTW 2014 show was all about the fun of dancing and music so the pieces bore tribute to almost all basic street wear trends related to music genres(lack-leathered bikers, dance hall,30’s,r’n’b).Mr Gaultier we (re) salute you!

YVL_4962.450x675 YVL_5047.450x675 YVL_5241.450x675 YVL_5331.450x675 YVL_5438.450x675 YVL_5495.450x675 YVL_5540.450x675 YVL_5563.450x675 YVL_5595.450x675 YVL_5657.450x675 YVL_5754.450x675 YVL_5907.450x675 YVL_5915.450x675 YVL_5933.450x675 YVL_5953.450x675

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