Paris Fashion Week,Dior SS RTW 2014-”Trans Dior” to Nowhere.

Christian_Dior_024_1366.450x675 Christian_Dior_015_1366.450x675

Raf Simons described his latest collection for the House Of Dior as a route ”trans” Dior,a passage to the House’s initial codes and dna,viewed trough a Simon’s aspect.Well,at least that was the aim.What actually happened is a full deconstruction of what was ”Dior aesthetics” without a decent concept to push the endeavor further.The very collection showed so much handwork and processing in most of the items  that was painful to view it on uninspired designs,retail looking and certainly not Dior! A unbalanced,unseasoned mixture of slogans, badges on Dior dresses(sic),poor pattern cutting in mid-length skirts and uninteresting bustiers.Dior’s Flora as presented today is not leading anywhere but to an intense longing of the Galliano genius. The metal cocktail dresses with the ”Raf emblems” are the only part of the collection i didn’t find plain insulting.The only path that would lead somewhere better for Dior,does not include Mr Simon’s i’m afraid.Gosh,even the accessories weren’t something of interest!

DIO_0040.450x675 DIO_0058.450x675 DIO_0069.450x675 DIO_0091.450x675 DIO_0110.450x675 DIO_0136.450x675 DIO_0152.450x675 DIO_0163.450x675 DIO_0197.450x675 DIO_0206.450x675 DIO_0225.450x675 DIO_0275.450x675 DIO_0309.450x675 DIO_0371.450x675 DIO_0416.450x675 DIO_0444.450x675

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