Paris Fashion Week,Gareth Pugh SS RTW 2013-”Revolting against himself”

MARC0558.450x675 MARC0787.450x675

One is for sure,you never expect a boring show from Gareth Pugh and this one was no exception.I feel happy when i find there are still designers with a conceptualized view and aesthetics that interpret this vision equally well, to intrigue whether it was all bad or whether was the epitome of conceptual fashion presented on the runway. The more ”traditional” feeling of Paris made for an excellent contrast to Pugh’s ideas,mostly displaying his influences ranging from Gloria Swanson to modern strong women.”I wanted the collection to be immaculate but hysteric somehow”,he stated afterwards,and dear me,he was spot on.

Blush pink headdress,tight,slim pants to the point of exaggeration,glamorous structured pieces that reminded us of manga cartoon heroes,excellent tailoring,leather,all that under the very same collection.Still,as much as i evaluate the fact that Mr Pugh has defined a unique fashion language,an idiom that makes all his designs ”distinctively Pughish”, i feel that this collection lacked conceptual unity and clarity,passing mixed messages to several ”recipients”.If the ”means are the message” a la Mc Laughan, then i consider his effort to revolt against his usual self intriguing but i am not still convinced he wasn’t just softening the lines to create more wearable items.Either way,he’s made a name of him own by now and deserves it.

MARC0864.450x675 MARC0757.450x675 MARC0711.450x675 MARC0703.450x675 MARC0654.450x675 MARC0641.450x675 MARC0600.450x675 MARC0542.450x675 MARC0469.450x675 MARC0449.450x675 MARC0414.450x675 MARC0339.450x675 MARC0312.450x675 MARC0292.450x675

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