Paris Fashion Week,Balenciaga SS RTW 14- or ”Balenciaga for youths”


Alexander Wang has been so far designing honest yet tribute collection for the House of Balenciaga. For the SS RTW14 collection,he obviously decided to experiment further.And god,there was a fast Balenciaga archive for him to use along with his personal minimal approach and produce something new.Yet Alexander Wang showed that he’s too much of himself to design at the same quality level as Balenciaga,providing an uneven,sometimes interesting and sometimes i-ve-seen-it-many-times collection.He explained that:”The idea was to start strong and austere, and let that unravel.I want to bring ease into the DNA and codes of the house that I’m working with.” Quess what,it did not unraveled at all.There were traces of Balenciaga dna,true,but so obscure,defining an outfit,not the very collection at all. Materials such as molded leather,pieces that were embroidered or printed in a mostly black and white collection played first role as Mr Wang knows too well and likes.Still, there was nothing deriving from the Balenciaga dna! Unless you mean the voluminous peplum skirt or the dresses with the meringue finishing.Is was sad to see so much craftsmanship on clothes that cannot be worn from anybody over the age of 25 and look glamorous.Mr Wang is getting better and better in creating his own collections under the ”heavy” Balenciaga and not the ” House of Balenciaga collections”.It was more..”Balenciaga for youths” than anything else.The figures will come out soon and the truth shall shine! A stiff leather jacket as a dress?No thank you.Ms Nicole Phelps from stated that  ”Wang is learning as he goes at Balenciaga” which i find absolute wrong in the first place.He’s learning allright,but god,he’s been assigned to design at the ”House of Balenciaga,not at an  avant-garde London upcoming brand.He should have been ready from before.

_ON_0396.450x675 _ON_0440.450x675 _ON_0528.450x675 _ON_0545.450x675 _ON_0632.450x675 _ON_0697.450x675 _ON_0717.450x675 _ON_0785.450x675 _ON_0860.450x675 _ON_0882.450x675 _ON_0974.450x675 _ON_1072.450x675 _ON_1189.450x675 _ON_1243.450x675

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