Milan Fashion Week,Fausto Puglisi RTW SS2014-Great Expectations but…

MARC0069.450x675 (1)
In his first steps as a designer, Fausto Puglisi have been a breath of fresh air,in a sense of a ”new blood” that fashion industry needs much.And in all his success,he has been really good in designing for the House of Ungaro along with being a personal stylist to celebrities from his early start.For his RTW SS 2014 personal collection he took high risks,almost as high as the expectations the fashion world bore from him and his work.In his own words,the collection was based in the idea: “It’s Carolina Herrera meets Axl Rose”.A weird combination from itself,let alone working as an inspiration for a fashion collection that in the end of the day, aims to make a difference,aka produce good outfits,good clothes.
The collection that Mr Puglisi presented had nothing of his initial inspiration and vibrant experimentation.The collection relied much to leather and to bondage trend along with bright colored skirts,the kind of intense colors that is Puglisi’s expertise,no doubt about it.Leather bustiers combined with palm trees prints,fierce cuts and long skirts,split in half.The collection was literally bad,still you’ll hardly find someone stating it.His talent raised high expectations yet he took risks beyond his field,feeling he has the support to do so.But without inspiration or any sense of elegance.He therefore has to review his place in the fashion industry carefully,not rely on his strong PR skills.P.S.: Certain outfits were close to insulting….

MARC0325.450x675 MARC0305.450x675 MARC0283.450x675 MARC0208.450x675 MARC0153.450x675 MARC0054.450x675 MARC0025.450x675 MARC0008.450x675

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