Milan Fashion Week,Angelos Bratis SS 2014 RTW Collection-Chic like the Sea


I remember my first impression when coming across Angelos Bratis’ work some years ago-this of an effortless elegance obtained though,as i could see, under great study in pattern cutting and clever drapings. His debut collection at Milan Fashion Week maintained those qualities with an added sense of a more mature approach to the overall concept. Using a basic color palette of white,blue,powder pink and nude,Angelos Bratis presented oversized shirts,voluminous dresses,vacation pajama pants and fluid blouses.This was the overall feeling from the collection,fluidity obtained with sartorial mastery.A promising collection, balancing subtle ”grecian goddess”references and island chic along with couture elegance, still,most of all,a study in fluidness. Just like the Aegean sea.

angelos-bratis03 angelos-bratis06 angelos-bratis07 angelos-bratis11 angelos-bratis14 angelos-bratis16 angelos-bratis17 angelos-bratis19 angelos-bratis20

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