Milan Fashion Week,Prada RTW2014 SS collection-”A question of Passive Aggressiveness”

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Miuccia Prada is no doubt one of the  cleverer women in business of fashion as she has managed to present collections that imply a ”search for a deeper meaning” without being questioned or criticized as such.For the SS 2014 collection she stated: ‘”I want to inspire women to struggle,” So she mixed a bit of tribalism,a bit of fierce street art motifs along with a strong 90s gang look.

Mrs Prada added: “There is a necessity to be strong, visible, fighters, and this is an encouragement to be out there and to do something.” Oh so true.But revolution never started with the way people were dressed,instead,free-minded,rebellious,strong people creatively invent a way to shape their (unique) appearance, that reflects an ideology,if so.And she goes on by saying that: ”It’s absurd, against the rules; it’s a happy collection.You need to be fighting. It’s about a debate about women; it’s a political discourse: ‘I’m allowed to do whatever I want to do with clothes.’ If they see you, they listen.” The idea expressed above is no less the idea of the late 60’s -70’s  street fashion and the way fashion industry was perceived by people.The 70’s were actually a creatively fun era regarding to dressing codes, since people wore  their personal item choices,experimented with ”vintage” clothing as well as wearing basic trends of the times.Yet the influence street fashion and its political references had to most catwalks of the time was much bigger than the actual influence designers had amongst young men and women.Mrs Prada tries to work it vice versa. For the House’s clientele,the editorials and perhaps certain editors in a great effort and with success.Even the space were the collection was presented was full of  huge murals of women’s portraits commissioned from six contemporary artists,once again an effort to reinforce the idea of ”Being a Woman”.

Yet the clothes presented were a weird amalgama of techniques such as printed, jeweled,embellished with fur, merged with high-gloss, demonstrative embroideries,let alone the cuts.Still,the essence,intricated by the venue and the bright colors, was of a woman that is strong.Not only strong,aggressive,i’d say. I found the collection pathetically aggressive.I am sure it will sell much but excuse me if i feel stronger in a well cut black dress and with my ideology stamped in my mind.After all,i don’t like to get noticed just because my outfits try to say so. And btw,those ”bra-shaped” tops worn over coats and blouses didn’t bring ‘‘les suffragettes” in mind as perhaps expected.It was just a very bad interpretation of the ”underwear as outwear” trend.

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