Milan Fashion Week SS RTW 2014 Francesco Scognamiglio’s ”Renaissance” collection


The urge of a new start is fairly understandable for Francesco Scognamiglio,given that the separation of his business partner actually meant he had to be involved into the process of the collection all by himself,for the first time.Naming your first personal collection ”Renaissance” surely produces an effect of honest,well-intentioned anticipation. I personally like Scognamiglio’s work when it comes to lace still he’s no short in skill when it comes to sharp,great pattern cutting.This SS collection though had a more playful sense,seemingly appealing to a younger clientele(Scognamiglio dresses celebrities for red-carpet appearances,its a fact).With short skirts in pastel florals and loose,chic blouses,dresses in asymmetrical cuts (reminisced of female ice skating sportwear), Scognamiglio once more presented an interesting collection with the lace draping and the clever pattern cutting both screaming ”chic”.And, chic, we like it

YVL_5170.450x675 YVL_5189.450x675 YVL_5210.450x675 YVL_5270.450x675 YVL_5428.450x675 YVL_5444.450x675 YVL_5518.450x675 YVL_5540.450x675 YVL_5583.450x675 YVL_5605.450x675 YVL_5745.450x675 YVL_5784.450x675 YVL_5853.450x675

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