Simone Rocha RTW SS 2014 collection-Deconstructing chic structures


I feel glad for  not missing Simone Rocha’s s RTW 2014 collection this year.The aesthetics were very  close to mine and the black and white palette,even though some might not find a surprised.Yet i wasn’t going for surprises in this show,it was pure ladylike chic i longed. The little notebooks on the seats pointed to the right direction,the one of carefully watching and taking notes instead of tweeting,like the old couture times.The catholic imagery were all present along with the staples of the ”ladylike look” reconstructed in an interesting effect of Autumn melancholic chic.And it worked well.Basic structured lines in dresses and skirts accompanied with ”decostructive” ruffles plus pearls strategically placed  in places like collars and stockings along with impressive volumed veils were the key looks of this collection. The influences were both mourning wear and lingerie,and worked well together. Difficult not to like a look,difficult to find something extra new there.Still it was an honest,wearable collection,an oasis of understating femininity,as compared to the Tom Ford one i attended the day before.(see review).Didn’t like the shoes much but weren’t designed  to stand out anyway.

MARC0007.450x675 MARC0035.450x675 MARC0058.450x675 MARC0076.450x675 MARC0101.450x675 MARC0127.450x675 MARC0145.450x675 MARC0171.450x675 MARC0218.450x675 MARC0239.450x675 MARC0280.450x675 MARC0308.450x675 MARC0341.450x675

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