”Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore!” exhibition at Somerset House.


Isabella Blow was a style pioneer and a successful fashion editor but what made her exceptional was her very unique look-a personal interpretation of fashion trends,often to the point of grotesque,yet always interesting.The exhibition ”Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore!” at Somerset House features almost 100  items from her personal collection,the one that Daphne Guiness sought to buy right after her friend’s tragic death.She explains: ”When I visited her beloved clothes in a storage room in South Kensington, it seemed quite clear the collection would be of immense value to a great many people. I do believe that in choosing to exhibit them we’ve done the right thing — and that it is what she would have wanted. I am doing this in memory of a dear friend, in the hope that her legacy may continue to aid and inspire generations of designers to come.” 

Curated by Alistair O’Neill with Shonagh Marshall and designed by award-winning architectural firm Carmody Groarke, with installations by celebrated set designer Shona Heath, the exhibition will display thematically the breadth of Isabella’s collection, a life lived through clothes…

Having in mind her fantastic Philip Treacy hats-works of art,we can’t wait to see them,also. Exhibition starts  November 20, 2013 to March 2, 2014

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