Burberry Porsum RTW SS 2013-”A English Rose Is A Rose,Is A Rose..”


What i initially appreciated is the fact that  Christopher Bailey decided to  seek inspiration and finally employ a as -old as-Victorian lace maker in Nottingham to produce good old English lace copying the motifs in the company’s archives.The overall result in all the scale of pastels appeared fresh and new even when used in transparent skirts revealing old-school large female panties,yes the grandma kind of ones.There was nothing aggressively ”modern” in Burberry’s collection and that made for a happy interval from avant-garde,punk or 90’s references that we were accustomed to, so far, with the exception of latex at the final look. The amazing playlist also contributed to the soothing result of this collection along with the ”petal rain” in the end.

Personally i liked the palette,the candy-oriented hues were pleasant to the eye even with the form of cardigans i considered a bit too..shapeless for me.I had the same sense during all over the show,apart from certain moments of great fitting such as  the laced trench coats or the draped dresses,which i liked much.Bailey’s references are based strongly on the English culture and imagery and he served the ideal of the ”English rose” carefully,perhaps too much of an ”English” or a ”rose” to me.But i can’t but give credit to certain pieces,such as the final outfit that Cara Delevigne wore,a dynamic mixture of latex,lace and embroidery. I feel though that the strongest part of the overall collection were the accessories,with shoes in bright pastels and soft folded handbags in pastels or embroidered with flowers, being my new ”objet du desir” for the season.

BUR_5636.450x675 BUR_5647.450x675 BUR_5671.450x675 BUR_5704.450x675 BUR_5825.450x675 BUR_5884.450x675 BUR_5965.450x675 BUR_6034.450x675 BUR_6091.450x675 BUR_6156.450x675 BUR_6211.450x675 BUR_6243.450x675 BUR_6296.450x675 BUR_6351.450x675 BUR_6091.450x675 - Copy BUR_5636.450x675 - Copy BUR_5647.450x675 - Copy BUR_5671.450x675 - Copy BUR_5704.450x675 - Copy BUR_5825.450x675 - Copy BUR_5884.450x675 - Copy BUR_5965.450x675 - Copy BUR_6034.450x675 - Copy

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